Thursday, September 24, 2009

New camera and a fabulous necklace

My new camera arrived last night. (I broke my old one at a wedding recently, and while it still "works", you have to tape the battery in to use it). It's the same brand/line as my old one, a Casio Exilim. This one is a EX-Z250, as opposed to my old Z75.

Still learning the settings on it though - while my last camera took excellent macro shots in the "portrait" mode, it looks like this camera works best when using the "text" mode for macros. (Odd). But to be honest, I haven't tried too many of the settings, so I'll find the best one soon enough.

In other news, Shannon and I took a class over the summer with a very nice woman, Cristina Hurley (you can visit her website here. She taught us how to make our own headpins, and how to do some very simple wire-wrapping. Well, we LOVED wire-wrapping, and we have created some great pieces already. Shannon made a fabulous smokey quartz and copper necklace that I wanted to share with you. It is absolutely stunning:

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