Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tour of The Perfect Loop's Studio

A post on Etsy's forums last night inspired me to photograph my craft room and give you a tour. I've made them small because there are quite a few.

First, the view from the door. Our studio is the 4th bedroom in my house. It's approximately a 10 by 10 space, with a plush carpet, and a large window facing our backyard.

View around the room, counter clockwise

Here's a closeup of my photography table. I've got a light tent set up with natural lighting, and a tripod (which needs replacing - I broke it the other night).

Some of the new purchases at Michaels, and my tools I'm using currently.
EDIT: I meant to put here that the craft table was from Ikea, and upon last visit they still have them. I like it because both sides fold down and the table will be only about a foot wide. Drawers on both sides. And it's very heavy duty. (All solid wood).

This shelving unit houses my beading books and magazines (closeup of all my magazines in their bins below). And the inspiration for the future color of the room, Bartlebee the duck.

I made this piece of artwork using tons of paint chips I grabbed from home depot ;)


  1. Very nice!! I would love to have a space that pretty, I have issues with putting things back in the correct place... :)

  2. I love your workspace and you have now inspired me to visit my local hardware store and design my own paint card picture..... thank you ;)

  3. Lisa - I definitely had to straighten up a bit before doing this photo. Generally though, I try to put things back once I finish a specific style of item. It helps. My studio in the condo (we recently moved) was a nightmare.

    Renee - glad I could inspire! The paint card picture was fun to do, and easy. The frame, I just picked up a cheapy from Michaels. :)

  4. Love that paint chip mosaic! :)

    Your space is soooo nice and neat! I'm way too embbarrassed to put pics of mine up on Etsy.

  5. HeathahLee - sometimes the messy spaces are the best ones!