Friday, October 16, 2009

Wire Wrapping

I am sure you'll all notice a new trend in our jewelry making. Melissa and I recently learned how to do more intricate wire wrapping, and just working with wire in general.

(copper & crystal necklace)

Personally, I was always a bit scared of it! It seemed time consuming, tedious, and ... well, HARD! We had a wonderful teacher show us some methods and tricks and now we're getting good! Now, it IS just as time consuming and as tedious as I'd feared, BUT it is truly satisfying! Making our own headpins, etc, makes our pieces that much more unique and that much more beautiful! The thing that is so special about our jewelry is that WE made them, with our hands, time, creativity, and love. Anyone can buy some wire and some beads and string them together, trust me, that's how we started out, too! But once you really embrace jewelry making as a true art form — an expression of ourselves — that is when the magic happens!

(Sodalite Bracelet)

I hope that when you see our jewelry, each tiny piece of wire wrapped beautifully and carefully around each other, each stone and bead chosen perfectly to suit... that you see you can see our passion well represented. And come on now, who doesn't want a big ol' chunk of Shannon & Melissa passion hanging around their neck? ;-)

(Copper wrapped ring)

Ok, so this post started out as an introduction to wire-wrapping and it ended in a profession of love for beads. So sue me! ;-)
(and when you win all that law-suit some Perfect Loop stuff!!)


  1. Excellent blog, my dear! :) Love the pictures! Wonder who took those? ;)

  2. I dunno, some professional photographer that must have made a million dollars doing it! :-)