Sunday, November 8, 2009

First show, and a new line

Shannon will be making a post for you all with lovely pictures of our booth at the craft fair. We did well enough, but I think next year we may do a different large show. The person that runs this one does not advertise very well, and alot of vendors were really upset about that. We made a couple hundred above our table cost, but really, we only sold alot of smaller items. There was not alot of customers through the door.

I've emailed the people who run some of the shows in Mansfield to find out if we could get into a show next fall.

Also, tonight I came up with a way to make earrings interchangeable. I've started with the chain style earrings, and will move on to other styles at some point. Here is a mockup. (The picture isn't the best because I was taking it quickly just for the blog).

We'll offer these ones for $20 for a pair (sterling wire & chain) with 3 sets of interchangeable crystals. Other styles will come eventually without the chains, and just some different interchangeable dangles.

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