Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a professional!

I was in the bead aisle in a craft store last night, and this woman asked if I knew anything about making jewelry. "Sure!" I said, "I'm happy to help"
She proceeded to ask me questions, about how to assemble earrings, the pliers she should use, wire types, all kinds of things!

And you know what? I knew all the answers! I used to prefer to think of myself as the Useless Partner :-) Melissa is a genius when it comes to constructing jewelry, and she's great at the business-running aspect. So, I am happy to be more of a helper monkey that indulges in creative input.

But hey! I was thrilled with how much I could help this woman. She looked at me like I know my stuff. So, maybe I do!

It's nice to think of our jewelry as a quality company, and not just a craft we sloppily do to keep ourselves busy :-) We started, years ago, just cobbling together little bracelets for ourselves to wear. We still love doing it, but now we're actually good at it!

(and as Christina would say... it keeps getting better!)

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  1. you are so not the useless partner! you are awesome! I love you!