Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Show Time!

As Melissa said, we had our first craft show of the season this weekend. Despite some slow segments it was still successful. We didn't make a killing in sales, but we don't really have to. Melissa and I both have the feeling that - as long as we cover the cost of our table, we're happy. Its fun being there, setting up, hanging out, beading when we can, shopping, and meeting other vendors. We're still selling a little, and getting our name out there!

We had an awesome space... 2 looong tables! So long, I couldn't even fit them all in the picture! So you'll get a few angles ;-)

One end of our table, which held the earrings, rings, cell phone charms, and holiday earrings

Some of our earrings, lookin' cute

Looking down the length of our table

Some bracelets laid out

The center of our table, with our wonky sign, before it relaxed :-)

A look down from the other end of the tables.

Our biggest seller, Melissa's fabulous pendants!

People really liked these bookmarks, too!

And the REAL star of the table... the free candy!

Now, we've got a few more shows to look forward to, and we hope to see you there!!

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