Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, at least we looked cute!

Well, I can't say anything about the craft show that Melissa didn't already say :-)
Except that, no matter how long a day, how far a drive, or how much a monetary hit we took—I still always have a good time just spending the day with my girl! So, its never a total loss for me.

Anyway, I took a pic of our table to share...
We had 1/2 the table space as the last show, but we still managed to fit a lot out there, without making it look too stuffed.

Here's some earrings lookin' all cute...

I don't feel like craft fairs are the right venue for us, but it seems to be the best option for getting out there locally. Unfortunately for us, beading & jewelry making is still very popular, and so we're going to have too much competition at every show. I guess we also need to ask the coordinators about whether or not they are letting in non-handmade vendors before we agree to do it!


  1. Great pictures.

    I'd love to try something new if you think craft shows aren't where we should focus. Let me know if you can find other options for us. I've got Etsy running, but it's too much work to manage a shop on another site so far. The other sites do not work as easily as Etsy does, so they take two to three times as long to get things up.

  2. Oh trust me, if I had better ideas, I'd be sharing them!

    I think Etsy is our best bet so far, and other than that, I think selling in a store is the best, but any store I see that looks like it has potential, I ask! I don't think we should stop doing the fairs, but I do think we won't make any money off of them. Its always worth a chance, and they are usually fun!