Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not much blogging lately, sorry about that. With the holidays fast approaching, we're slammed. (Both with orders and gifts).

I received some beads from my stepmom yesterday, and 2 gift cards to Michaels (one from my stepmom, one from my work Secret Santa). Sometimes people think that giving us Michaels cards wouldn't be that great for us. We must already have tons of supplies. We must already have lots of beads. But nope. Opening up a present of strings of beads is the best. Getting to go shopping for beads is even better! I love receiving beads. It's fun to see what other people pick out for you.

What about all of you? Do you love receiving gifts of supplies?


  1. Oh yes! I love receiving beads/supplies that other people pick AND love Michael's gift cards! :) Both experiences give you a slightly new perspective and that's a great way to expand your horizons!Happy holidays! :)