Saturday, January 9, 2010

First jumpring bracelet!

I finished up the first bracelet. It's using black Oh! Rings (they're stretchy, from Fire Mountain), and black and purple anodized aluminum jump rings (from The Ring Lord).

It will be listed on Etsy soon, but first I need to go in and do the update to our shipping. Last year we offered free shipping, but realized that by doing so we were losing money. We've made a decision to charge a flat $1.50 per order (no matter how many items) for US Shipping. Once I've made the update, this item will be on Etsy. Still trying to figure out what to price it at.


  1. I think Summer would LOVE that, so spunky and cute! :-)

  2. what is your etsy account so i can get one of these?

    1. Hi there,

      My jewelry shop is located here:

      However at this time we're not open for business. Thanks for stopping by the blog though! :)